Seller Services

Getting started

  •  Conduct a walk through of your home, taking notes on the details and selling points of your home. Assess your wants, needs, and goals, so I am able to customize my services to your needs, and exceed your expectations.
  •  Gather market data and comparable sale information to determine the most likely sales price for your home.  Meet with you in person to discuss all this information and answer all of your questions.
  •  Create a unique, customized marketing plan specific to your home and your needs.
  •  Provide ideas and techniques to prepare your home for the market, which includes a complimentary staging consultation with a professional stager.
  •  Order a title insurance commitment and review this in detail to prevent any hangups during the escrow process.

Implementing your unique marketing plan

  •  Get my professional photographer into your home to take high quality photographs.
  •  Create a customized, multimedia video, highlighting your homes strengths.
  •  Create high quality, professional flyers that will help you stand out amongst the competition.  The indoor flyers are 4 page, high gloss brochures, and the outside flyer box flyers are always in color.
  •  Install your yardarm sign.
  •  Post your mobile website address to the sign outside, so buyers can view all your details with their smartphones and tablet computers.
  •  Install your MLS keybox, which allows me to monitor showings and obtain showing feedback from other realtors.
  •  Schedule open house and broker’s open.

Navigating the listing process

  •  Constant, in-depth communication.  This is a big one with me, and can be a frustration when I’m dealing with other professionals as a consumer.  I check in with you every Monday no matter what, and all phone calls, emails, and texts are returned in a timely manner.
  •  An in person meeting on a monthly basis to re-assess our position in the market and address any concerns.
  •  An electronic survey is sent out to all realtors who show your home.  This feedback is then forwarded directly to your inbox.
  •  Since my business comes solely from referrals, it is imperative that I negotiate with your best interests in mind.  I work for you, and I negotiate with that in mind.

Managing the escrow process

  •  My assistant helps me in monitoring all the timelines in the contract, including earnest money deposits, title delivery timelines, financing timelines, inspection timelines, and septic/well timelines.
  •  Monitor financing progress with the buyer’s lender.
  •  Negotiate the inspection in a way that is favorable to you.
  •  Work closely with escrow to ensure a smooth transaction.
  •  Accompany you to your signing appointment, which includes reviewing all of your paperwork for accuracy.

Results that equal money in your pocket.  In 2011, my list price to sales price ratio was 98.01%, compared to the MLS average of 96.33%.  In addition, my listings sold on average in 51 days, compared to the MLS average of 66 days.  This means that on average, I net my sellers almost 2% more than the average agent, and sell their homes 1 week faster.